Schedule of Commercial Properties
(Sept 2002)

The study area was visited and the following commercial uses noted

Penrhiwceiber Road

Number User
3 Fish bar
5 Vacant
7 Vacant
9 Vacant
11 Vacant
17 Jaz clothes shop
19 Pound Shop
21 Vacant
23 Vacant
37 Kyber Kebabs
39 Autobitz motor spares
41a Red Cross charity shop
41b Vacant
2-4 Paul Iwanski (newsagent)
8 Nolans (mens Hairdressing ) Part time
12-14 Co-operative store
22-24 Vacant
34 Sheppards (chemist)
36 Vacant
38 Post Office
40 Dragon star (Chinese take away)
42-44 Central Café
46 Vacant
82 Vacant
155 Upper cut
163 Vacant

Rheola Street

61 Little cherub (baby clothes)
60 Music Box & hairdressers
62 MJ racing betting shop

Commercial Property/Business

J.W Jones (Builders) in former Wesley chapel off Church Street

Cynon Garage off Abercynon Road

Cynon Garage - Cynon Terrace

R Compton (electrician) - Based at residential property in Penrhiwceiber Road

Pubs and Clubs

Penrhiwceiber Constitutional Club

The British Legion

The Lee Hotel

The Osborne Hotel


There is a small Library housed in aged temporary buildings

Penrhiwceiber Welfare Hall

This is a derelict building vacant since 1982 and owned by a absent landlord
and for sale for £75,000 The facade is listed (grade 2) .
It presently has planning permission for community use

Penrhiwceiber Institute

Commonly known as Ceiber Hall and formally Known as Penrhiwceiber Workmans Hall
Built in 1884 and refurbished in 1993, facilities consist of a 250 seat theatre
on the entrance level with a balcony above and a proscenium arch stage

The Office on Penrhiwceiber Road houses the Penrhiwceiber Community Revival Strategy Group
formed in 1997

On the lower ground floor is a large meeting room, snooker room, kitchen and cafeteria
The Institute suffers from an inflexible layout in the main theatre area that allows only limited use,
but does provide Bingo three times a week, with up to 300 persons attending each session
disabled access is poor

The Institute is home to the Ultimate Stage Company - an up and coming Youth stage company
that has performed in several prestigious events throughout U.K

The Institute is also the home base for the Penrhiwceiber Communities First Partnership Board,
Residents and Tenants, Glasbrook Committee, Labour Party, C.I.S.W.O,
and various social groups, the local health group has arranged several diabetic clinics,
the Police and local AM have held surgeries, and Interlink has provided Grant Advice surgeries

As of September 02 the following courses were arranged at the Institute through the W.E.A
Computers basic and advanced
Watercolour Painting

Leisure facilities

The childrens paddling pool is open only for the school summer holidays
i.e 6-7 weeks of every year. For the remainder it is a target for vandals and mischievousness
The playground is sited immediately behind the pool and is due for an update shortly

Various local and outside football teams use the Glasbrook fields and the colliery fields pitches owned by the Local Authority
These are also used by the local schools for sports activities


Carmel Chapel

Hope Chapel

St Winifreds Church and Hall

The Hall provides facilities for Weddings and Birthdays with regular prize bingo
The Church also provides the home for the Brownies, Guides, and Rangers

Y Meithrin

This is a new purpose built Welsh medium parent and Toddler facility



The Doctors Surgery is in a former house in Rheola Street.
This currently houses one doctor and the premises fall below current NHS
standards for space and facilities

The Penrhiwceiber clinic at the former Nixon's Hall has now
closed with services transferred to other areas, but it is hoped these
will return when a new Health centre is provided


The current school provision consists of pre school, infants and juniors
who are housed in different parts of the original school complex built over 100 years ago
The facilities are outmoded, uneconomic to run and in serious disrepair,
with the Juniors housed in temporary buildings

The numbers at Sept 2002 were as follows

Infants School

Class 1 26

Class 2 24

Class 3 14

Learning support 9

Junior School

class 3/4 24

class 5 25

class 6 21

Special needs 5

Penrikyber Colliery Site

Penrikcyber colliery was closed in 1985 at the end of the miners strike,
demolition of the installation and land reclamation works were carried out
over the following 10 years under the auspices of the WDA
and the Cynon Valley Joint Venture. The buildings, machinery and engineering
works were cleared away quickly with the only visible traces remaining
being the piers of the former tramway over the junction of Abercynon Road and Vaughan Terrace

The hillside tip was reclaimed, stabised and provided with adequate through
drainage to prevent future slip. The colliery itself has been graded and raised
into a flat terrace , primarily for Sport and leisure with a steep bank down the
river planted with young trees and a need riverside path

Prior to the filling of the Penikcyber Colliery Surface, site preparation and drainage work
were carried out, and are identified as

Treatment of mine shafts
Drainage culvert replacement
Permanent lined drainage channel
Breaking out old foundations and backfilling to basements

The three major colliery shafts have been backfilled in a controlled manner and capped

British coal have stipulated that no buildings are to be located over or within 15m zone
of the shafts, however the treatment should be suitable to permit road construction over them

It is understood that the diversion of a 33KVA overhead line which traversed the site has been diverted to a new alignment in conjunction and in consideration with proposals for the site

The reclaimed site would support lightly loaded structures . Suitable foundation options would be traditional concrete strip, trench fill, or reinforced concrete raft

It is recommended that further site investigation work is carried out to determine the ground conditions, post remediations, in order to establish competency and consistency of the filled materials. Ground chemistry would also be required to determine the levels
of contamination of the fill material

Rhondda Cynon Taf Local Plan

The following are extracts of the October 1998 local plan relevant to the Penrhiwceiber area

ENVP3J pp38
Green Wedge to prevent coalescence between and within settlements
i.e land to remain undeveloped

ENVP4 pp38
Cynon Taff river park to improve, protect and enhance the river environment of the plan area

URB1 pp104
Off street parking in order to alleviate congestion along the area's main communication routes

TP2C pp134
Land for major highways network be safeguarded from other development

TP8B pp139
The provision of Park and ride facilities

C2 pp147
New location of Library

CP1G pp148
Sites are reserved for educational purposes on the Colliery site


Streets identified within the survey area are as follows

Street Number of properties
Belle Vue Terrace 14
Cynon terrace 17
Danygraig villas 4
George Terrace 4
Glasbrook Terrace 24
Harcourt Terrace 65
Penrhiwceiber Road 192
Railway Terrace 30
Station Terrace 46
Tanycoed Street 78
Vaughan Terrace 21
Winifred Street 1
Woodfield Terrace 70
Hillside Terrace 10
Park Street 92
Tyrfelin Street 101
Vale View Terrace 6
Woodfield Terrace 159
Church Street 79
Dilwyn Street 47
Glanlay Street 88
Harris View 10
Harris Terrace 26
Llys Nant glas 14
Morris Avenue 58
Rheola Street 70
Sunnybank 7
Tanybryn 11


As the majority of the housing was built in the late 19th century with stone for construction being mined locally from the surrounding hills and the brick edgings for window and door openings may well have come from the brick kiln sited on the colliery site on the 1882 map of the area

Building on the hillside does have intrinsic problems. Houses on the uphill side of
each street are often raised up and have stepped approaches in order for the back doors
to be at garden level whilst down hill houses have flights of steps out of the back. the down hill houses on some streets appear below road level and have sunken pavements in the front

Built on a steep damp hillside to mainly rule of thumb engineering it is not
surprising that some houses have failed structurally and been demolished (the south side
of Tanycoed Street ), whilst other buildings show signs of settlement and bulging walls

During a recent survey the following results were reported in the area

21% reported dampness encountered by a number of factors including the
lack of adequate damp proof course, poor external finishes resulting in
penetrating dampness and the external ground level being higher than the internal floor levels

45% reported inadequate drainage, this is reflected in the overall drainage problems within the area

21% reported poor standards of heating

36% structural stability

33% Inadequate water supply

Household Profiles Penrhiwceiber/Miskin

Almost all the properties in the area re pre 1919 terraced houses

Property type Quantity %

Flat/maisonette 12, 1.36
Detached 27, 3.06
Semi detached 84, 9.52
Terraced 757, 85.83
Other 2, 0.23
total 882, 100

Tenure Quantity %
Owned outright/mortgage 719, 80.88
Rented from the Council 4, 0.45
Rented from housing assn. 101, 11.36
Rented from private landlord 44, 4.95
Other 21, 2.36
Total 889, 100

Property values

Prices in Penrhiwceiber range from £10,000 with an average price of £23,900
The property values are distributed as follows
Under £25,000 25%
£20,000 - £30,000 50%
over £30,000 25%

These figures do not include properties up for auction where the reserve price is usually around £10,000 or the newer detached or semi detached properties where the price is higher

Commercial Improvement Area status

Penrhiwceiber is a Commercial improvement Area, here commercial and voluntary
organisations can apply for a grant up to £15,000 or 50% of eligible expenditure
towards the external and internal renovation of properties

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